Roots Vibes is a specialized recording studio made for authentic sounding productions lovers.
We are not a commercial studio so we are only interested in collaborations with artists with the same sensibility.
At our place, songs have to be sang from top to bottom and instruments really played, no auto-tune, and no real possibilities for rhythmic correction if working on reel tape.
Not completely extremists, we keep a link with modern technology to be able to use digital when the project need it.


Since 2006 we have realized singles and albums in a lot of different style:
jamaïcain music of course and afro, ska, jazz, rythm'n blues, soul, rock, blues, rap, trip hop, etc...
Whenever your musical style or your needs (recording, mixing, mastering, dub remixing, creation of instrumental musics) Roots Vibes studio can provide an old school approach, without trickery and a good old warm analog sound. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will see together the possibilities of a work collaboration.

If you are in search of some production, co-production or cash advance of the studio fees, please see our LABEL webpage before contacting us.

(Photographs : François Serent)

More on our equipment here.


The studio is 10 minutes from Reims with car and is 1 hour from PARIS/East station with train (TGV)

Rent an hour, a day or longer sessions from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. or in lock out sessions.

Each project is different so don't hesitate to ask us an estimation, a quote or any question on our CONTACT page. Quick response assured.