Mam enters the reggae music in the middle of the 90's.

He sings, plays instruments like saxophone, melodica, keyboards and percussions from this time.

A few years after his beginning, he creates his own band as lead singer and composer called Life Tree.
The band plays in the local area most of the time.


In 2006, Mr Haze ask him to join his project soon joined by the S.O.A. band which plays for him in the same time, under the name of I-Sight.

Most of the time not as a lead singer at Roots Vibes or in the S.O.A. band, he put his skills in backing vocals and colorfull synthetizers arrangments on some of Roots Vibes recordings like Ricky Grant's album.

Roots Vibes has been fortunate enough to work with him on a few jamaïcan reggae standards, that will be released one by one. The first is the cover of Lee Perry's "Zion's Blood" on the B side of Earl Zero "Go to Zion". Mam plays the melodica on the Mr Haze's dub version of this song too.


At this time, he's working on his solo album, fully written, composed and produced by himself.