As confortable on a reggae riddim as on a soul ballad or even a blues-rock, Ebene surprise us with her voice and her hability to jump from one musical style to another one with so much natural.
Two qualities characteristic of great artists, facts confirmed by the welcomes she has received in live whatever the place, the style or the people.
Her musical open mindedness can be felt in every of her songs and Roots Vibes is proud to have co-produce the album "Let's go Soul rockers" with her and her Soul Rockers.
From the release of this album, Ebene and his band tried to play everywhere in their area and all around in France since 2014 to go and meet the people and to share her music with them.

For authenticity considerations she has choose not to go through the pre-drawn way of subsidized artists. Thanks to her for that ! and it will be in concert, near your home that you 'll can see her.


Most important dates

  • 25/11/11 opening for Selah Sue (La Cartonnerie-Reims)
  • 23/08/12 opening for Manu Chao  (Cabaret Vert festival-Charleville)
  • 13/05/13 opening for Maceo Parker (Casino de Paris-Paris)
  • 21/06/14 Festival des Sacres et du Folklore (Place de l'hotel de ville-Reims)
  • 16/07/14 opening for Electro Deluxe (festival  des musiques d'ici et d'ailleurs-Chalons en Champ.)


Ebene & the Soul Rockers' facebook

Ebene and Roots Vibes have a long story together and after being featured on the very first, confidential, reggae production of Mr Haze in 2006, she comes back in reggae for her first vinyl release "Pink Clouds". This time in international mode sharing a 12" with the legendary jamaïcan band Tetrack.
French magazine Reggae Vibes has choose to promote this song and there is an exclusive mix on the CD sampler offered with the mag this summer.

The vinyl will be available everywhere the 1st september.